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Welcome to the development wiki for the Dynamic Salvage modification developed for the MekTek version of Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries. The general idea driving this modification was to make the Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries single-player campaign more enjoyable by allowing players to encounter and salvage the new mechs created by the MekTek team which are currently only playable in multiplayer and skirmish matches. While addressing game balancing is not one of the priorities for the Dynamic Salvage team, where mech spawns in vanilla MW4 Mercs are deemed unbalanced these mechs will be change approriatly (the team will take suggestions as to where such areas occur in the game). This mod aims to be a lore friendly as possible so only mechs one would expect to find controlled by certain enemy factions will be allowed.


This page is outdated since the project never really took off the ground. I, RkShaRkz am updating this of 25th of August, 2010.
Long story short
  • Different mechs in campaign will come eventually once we (MekTek) get around it.
  • Katie on the other hand has been in MW4Free since MP3.1-v22 and working flawlessly.
Think of this as a page where you can see how Katie works without codediving into boring constants, copy/pasted code and such.... You can also wish hi to Katie if you want.

Development Status

  1. Asking for permission(s)
  2. Supplements (getting the wiki up and recruiting)

Much of the work which has been done already involves understanding the existing MW4 Mercs scripting and what functions will be relevant to changing salvage. Example code and proposed edits can be found here, for a basic description of how ABL scripting works in MW4 see here.

Wiki Edits

Currently only dev team members can make wiki edits however anyone can post messages under discussion. While constructive criticism is encouraged if the feature is abused it will be removed from access for people outside the dev team. You have been warned.

Development Plan

This project will mainly focus on expanding the campaign part of MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries. As such, we plan to do the following:
  1. Change some of the battlegroups encountered in the campaign. Yes, we are tired of shooting Arguses/Bushies too.
  2. Implement the semi-dynamic salvage system for weapon components as well - look at Katie for that.

Members and Recruiting

The members working on this project will be hand-picked. Meaning no open recruitment; however, you may still contact us here, and your application will be reviewed. The following is a list of people that have agreed to, have been accepted and will be actively working on this so far:
  • James Cristofaro aka Mediat0r
  • Александар Миленковић aka RkShaRkz
  • Артём Дементьев aka zLobster


  • karmaKGB, for initiating the whole "semi-dynamic salvage" idea.
  • MekTek, for providing the MW community with new, awesome content.
  • Mercstorm, for hosting useful stuff on map editing and map making
  • Giskard, for being Giskard.


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